Fall in Love with TUMBLR


Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, oh no no! I just found the most versatile, all-in-one social media site there is on the web. TUMBLR!!!!! If you thought instagram and snapchat were big, just wait until you check this out. Tumblr is like wordpress, but simplified into something that not-so-tech savvy people like me, and even some of you, can decipher. You can “Reblog” like twiter, “hashtag” like instagram, “snap videos” like snapchat, and go follow right now because I know you already think its cool! When you get a second, tumble your way to riffraffhq.tumblr.com!

About the Tumblr, Shakayla (Shae)

Met ,Ted Gibson,from What not to Wear & Debra Messings hairstylist Last year

Inspired by all things atrsy

Working on tattoo number 3 right now

Can speak a small amount of Spanish(enough to get by)



Could Eat salmon every day of my life



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