If you told me I could be anyone that I wanted to for one day, I would say “hands-down, Selena Gomez.” As I’m writing this she has 68.6 MILLION INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS. Let me put that in perspective: That’s more than double the population of the state of Texas, where Gomez grew up(bless u tx). Another fun fact, T-Swift has 68.7m. So Selena is basically on the same level as Taylor. I know the day is coming when Selena will have more followers than squad-leader Swift and that’s going to be an awkward day for the squad.


But regardless of her success on social media, Gomez seems to be a really cool person (because I know her so well??). She’s featured on the cover of this month’s #RRHQreads magazine, W, and after reading the article I’ve come to 3 conclusions.

1) Eat at Chili’s

I just have this feeling that Kim K wouldn’t be caught dead in a Chili’s. But our girl Selena actually requested the restaurant (and honestly why wouldn’t you, they have everything you could ever possibly want). She even ate queso. So next time you and your squad are arguing about where to eat, look no further than Chili’s.

2) Take super cool pics in gold bikinis on the beach all the time

It’s a little disheartening to me that Selena can eat whatever she wants at aforementioned restaurant and still look as good as she does laying on the beach in a gold bikini, belt made from chains, and 5 inch heels. I know there’s a high chance (like 100%) that these are photo shopped BUT when she sang at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show she looked SO GOOD. Like the perfect amount of healthy. I am going to print off a picture of her and hang it on my fridge.

3) JB, it is too late now to say sorry.

Here’s what Selena responded when the journalist asked her about her relationship with Justin:


Could she have said anything more perfect??? If you’re ex-boyfriend is Justin Bieber (or anything like him) maybe it’s time to take a cue from Selena and move on.

This article made me more of a Selenator (“a person that loves Selena Gomez & supports her in anything she does” thank you Urban Dictionary) than I already was. Selena will be my #WCW forever. It’s hard to escape from under the Disney umbrella and still be cool, collected and normal *Miley Cyrus* She’s down to earth and confident.

Written by Kynzee Smith, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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