The Story of Friday+Saturday


This is a big week for Riffraff HQ. All of our lovely ladies have been slaving away to create the perfect launch for Friday & Saturday and we are SO excited to finally share it with you! As I am sure you know by now, Riffraff has been around for awhile and has accomplished many incredible things during its short, 7 year run. Side note: Earlier this year Kirsten was featured in Forbes magazine for her brilliant ecommerce tactics. Sorry, still not over how unreal that is. Cue my intern fan-girling. But obviously, good stuff has been happening under our ~stylish~ roof.

Anyway, on to the even better stuff: Friday + Saturday. Here are some quick facts to get you caught up to speed. 3 years ago Charlie Southern, Kirsten’s first wholesale line, took off, connecting Riffraff shoppers to a lifestyle line that promoted southern culture. Although Charlie Southern is totally rad, it has a niche. When the girls started coming up with culture referenced graphic t-shirts and tanks, they knew that it was time to expand their horizons in order to continue to captivate their customers. Ideas were thrown around and it was decided that every girl didn’t just need, but deserved fabulous weekend wear. Just like that, Friday + Saturday was born.

Like any business savvy mind would do, the Friday & Saturday team decided to test the waters. The first few shirts were released in late 2015. Remember the awesome blondes, brunettes and red heads have more fun tees? Yeah, those were the first products created by the masterminds from Riffraff HQ/Friday + Saturday. Shortly after, the XOXO line, also known as the Gossip Girl themed line, was released. You could say it was a successful launch, but that would be the understatement of the century.

After a successful trial run, the girls decided that in order to solidify the success of Friday & Saturday, it was imperative to take some time and decide what direction to take. So the dream team got to work. Kirsten brought ideas to the table, Alex created the artwork, and Kelsey picked the perfect shirts and colors. Together, they were creating something that every girl could relate to. Whether she be a Friday night in gal, or a Saturday evening out gal, the perfect shirt was merely a click away.

Kirsten knew exactly what she wanted to achieve with this line. She wanted it to be the truest representation of who she and her friends are. The line combines humor and pop culture all while making it trendy and relatable. As best described by Kirsten, “ Friday + Saturday is on trend, current, and infused with viral cultural references. Anyone can connect with these tees and will be as excited as we are to share them!”

Friday + Saturday’s Hustle line launched on March 13th. Hustle is the line that best represents the pop culture theme of the brand. Werk It is another new release that puts an ironic twist on classic workout gear. This line of tanks is perfect for the avid gym goer, but it’s possibly more perfect for the girl that only gets exercise by clicking the “still watching” button on Netflix. You can expect some shirts that are graced by the presence of your favorite foods to be released very soon. But today, you are in luck. I was able to get some secrets out of Kirsten on what you can expect in the future from Friday & Saturday and they might just involve some of your favorite things like happy hour and her personal fav, some very, very, VERY relevant current events.

Stay tuned people, this is going to be a fun ride.

Shop Friday+Saturday here

Learn more about wholesaling Friday+Saturday here

Written by Faith Tyrell, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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