Spring HeartBREAKers

I’m not sure about ya’ll but the University of Arkansas is out for spring break this week  – thank God. While you guys and all my friends are jetsetting off to beautiful places, getting a tan, exploring great big cities, and climbing mountains, I’m here in Fayetteville. (But hey, no pity for me – I’m saving $$$$$ for a summer trip). But while I’m here in Fayetteville, I dreamt up some cute outfits for every possible spring break with Riffraff’s new arrivals.

Now, these new arrivals are not just any new arrivals. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to had to have them and that’s pretty rare because I am so picky. HOWEVER there is literally no exception in this collection. I want it all. But I will do my wallet, my crowded closet, and Riffraff a favor but not buying everything before it even goes online. I will just convince all of you spring-breakers that you absolutely need need need it because, tbh, you do.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

You’re walking rodeo drive and roller-blading boardwalks and maybe surfing and eating from food trucks and catching a great tan. I can’t say because I’ve never been 😦 but I imagine all the locals are effortless and simply dressed but unbelievably sunkissed and chic. Blend right it – or look like an Arkansas girl trying to blend in – with a simple cotton dress and dainty, layered gold necklaces. Top it off with a casual baseball cap and statement ankle boots. It says, “I’m a chill cali girl but not chill enough to not try at all.” Nice.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

You’re sipping wine and flirting with boys on vespas and eating the best pizza in the world and seeing world-famous art, and you’re the girl we absolutely envy but are going to stalk all your social media for cool pics and hound you for stories once you get back. Be subtly trendy with the mixing of floral and stripes, but also utterly dreamy in a pale pink kimono and lace up flats. FInish the look with a floppy hat. Now, capture the heart of all those mediterranean boys with your sweet/mysterious American girl vibes that I’m pretty sure completely contrast our obnoxious reputation. But hey, you got this girl.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

You’re probably in Seaside with your family or your trendy friends that follow Socality on instagram, and can laugh at Socality Barbie because Socality Barbie IS THEM. Look easy, breezy with a simple dress, a sweater around your waist and some french braids – the summertime equivalent of that one girl that wears a white turtleneck, boyfriend jeans, and a high pony but still looks unbelievably chic. Boo her and boo you if you can achieve that but at the same time, go her and go you. You rock.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

You’ve been in the car for 4 days, you’re sick of mickey d’s dollar menu breakfast, and even though you pride yourself on being adventurous and spontaneous, all you want is wifi and a real bed. No biggie, sister, we’ve all been there but power through. Look killer with our “takin’ the high road” muscle tee, acid wash shorts, and a bandana for your neck or your messy hair. You most likely smell since showering isn’t a road trip priority but I bet your disposable camera pics are sick and you learned a lot about truck stops. I envy you!!!

Written and Curated by Betsy Lotspeich, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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