Cookin’ With Cookie

For all of you #RiffraffLovers out there dying for some inside scoop on the club, well you are in luck! I was able to sit down with Lindsey Cook, our inventory manager, and ask some ~hard hitting~ questions about her and about her roll at HQ. For y’all that don’t know, Lindsey is a vital addition to the team. She is brains behind the Riffraff website that keeps it in tiptop shape by updating it daily. Here are some facts that will help you better understand just how much she does for HQ and all of you!

Faith: When did you first start working at Riffraff?

Lindsey: I started on May 13th back in 2013. My friend Morgan was working here and I saw that they needed an Inventory Manager and new that I was the gal for the job!

F: What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

L: Boxes for as far as you can see. But that’s a tough question because every day is really different. Most of the time I enter or upload all of the new products on to the website and keep the inventory updated and organized. (Side note: Lindsey is known as ‘Cookie’ at the office)

F: What is the toughest part of your job?

L: Coming up with names for ALL of the new products.

F: What has been your most memorable day while working at RRHQ?

L: It would have to be the Game Day launch in 2015. Most of the designs were created in house so getting to see the tees all come to life and have great success was so cool to see.

F: When was the first time you had heard of Riffraff?

L: A few months before I applied to work here. It was around the time that Riffraff launched the website.

F: So, what’s in your lunch bag?

L: Lately I have been on a fruit and veggie/PB&J kick, but it changes all the time.

F: What is the very best part of your job as Inventory Manager?

L: I always knew that I wanted to work at a small business. There is something to be said about the opportunity to be growing with a company. So being able to do exactly that is the very best part of my job.

F: What was your favorite purchase from Riffraff?

L: There are SO many options! It is hard to narrow it down! Probably this floral dress. * pulls out phone to show me the dress * (Pictured above.)

F: What is the most interesting thing about you?

L: Probably that I have webbed toes. (It’s true people. I have seen them myself.)

F: And lastly, what does #riffrafflove mean to you?

L: Being able to share and show things I love with a community of people. How cool is it to share some love? Whether I am posting a picture or am with the gals at HQ, there is always plenty of #riffrafflove to go around.

Interview by Faith Tyrell, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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