Hairstyles for the Working Girl

Ever have such a hard time picking out what you want to wear and doing your make up that you only have about 5-10 minutes left before you have to do your hair, eat and leave? Well, I have too. It’s hard enough being a girl and having to always look ON POINT in every other area! You can put a whole outfit together and have your make up done but if the hair isnt 100 too, you don’t get the credit that you deserve for all of your hard work!! I am here to change all of that. Here are some styles for the girls who have just enough time for either 1 cup of coffee on their way out the door, or hair that slays!!! I got you covered!!


1. Bunnie Eared Cutie

what you will need:

2 ponytail holders

1 rat tailed/foiling comb

2 bobby pins

2. Pony with a twist

what you will need:

1 ponytail holder

1 hair brush

1-3 bobby pins( depending on how think the hair is)



3. braided headband

what you will need:

curling iron/wand

*wand hair in 3 big sections or use 3 big rollers the night before for body

2 rubberbands

2 bobby pins




4. Fishtailed Updo

what you will need:

6-8 booby pins

2 ponytail holders

teasing brush



Hairstyling by Shakayla Canaday, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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