Riffraff Does Spring Break

Lindsey “Cookie” takes on NYC

Here are Riffraff HQ New York City is known as the Holy Grail of vacation destinations because shopping, duh! So as soon as Lindsey got back from her five day long vacay to the big apple we had to get all the fun details. She did lots of wandering around the city and felt like a total tourist, but that’s okay because she got to experience so many cool places. She went to the basics like the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, High Line, and many more.  One of her favorite spots she stumbled upon was Battery Park which is a 25 acre public park located at the southern tip of Manhattan Island. Such a pretty spot, the Battery Park had an amazing view that overlooked that New York Harbour and Statue of Liberty which made it the ultimate picture spot of the trip. One of her most delicious memories made this trip was getting to try a canole for the first time ever in Little Italy, yum! She finished her trip by visiting Hotel Shantel for Saturday Brunch, where she sat in a beautiful café with an enclosed roof that had the most perfect weather. Although she walked around tons this week, her trip was an experience worth the blisters.

Sam & Shay go to TEXAS

Sam visited the Music Capital of the World as she and some friends traveled to Austin, Texas this past week. Between South Congress, 6th street, and Barton Creek Sam had a blast exploring the city and represented Riffraff adorably while doing so. She went shopping (like a lot) in Soco and got to check out the vintage area where she fell in love with their cute little boutiques. She went to the infamous graffiti wall and “I love you” wall and took fun and flirty photos with her friends.  She suggests going to both next time you visit Austin for the best photo-backdrops! She hit 6th street at night and found out how they do it down in Austin, always keeping it weird. The best part about Austin, she said, was all their gorgeous options of places to go kayaking and hiking. As a week was not long enough, Sam will definitely be back to Austin soon!

Shay had a blast on spring break visiting Riffraff’s other home Dallas, Texas! Her and her husband traveled all around the city and basically ate their way through it – as Dallas loves food maybe more than Kayne loves Kayne. One of her favorite stops was the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden located in East Dallas right off of White Rock Lake. This 70-acre paradise of a garden is filled with seasonal flowers and plants, art exhibits, along with a butterfly exhibit, how cute! She got super touristy by visiting the Grapevine Sealife Aquarium and was amazed by all the creatures she got to see in their underwater world. Last but not least she visited the beloved NorthPark Center which is one of the largest most well known shopping malls in Texas. It has over 235 stores and restaurants and was the first shopping center featured in Vogue Magazine as it houses retail stores like Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, David Yurman, and much much more. Relaxed yet fun, Shay shopped and ate her way through Dallas, Texas!

Steph takes on Mexico!

Stephanie had a blast with her girl friends on their trip to the beautiful Cancun, Mexico this past week as they spent their spring break in paradise, literally. They stayed at the gorgeous JW Marriott Cancun Resort and Spa. She rocked Riffraff from relaxing days on the beach, delicious dinner with friends, to crazy (yet classy) nights at the clubs. Her favorite cocktail to enjoy on the beach was their amazing frozen margaritas – you gotta drink the best while you’re in Mexico right? Her favorite dinner night was at Harry’s Prime Steakhouse where her and her friends splurged for the night and eat like queens. She looked so adorable in our THML Tribal Treasure Striped Tunic as she spent the evening as cute as ever with her girls. Looks like she had the time of her life!

Madison goes on a cruise ~

Madison looked liked she had an unforgettable week with her family on a gorgeous Carnival Cruise! They went through Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras where she soaked up the sun and was looking so fabulous in all her favorite Riffraff finds. One of her favorite experiences from the trip was when she got to swim with dolphins, we are all so jealous! She said it was an amazing experience and she got some awesome photos out of it as well. She had a rather funny time cave tubing in Belize. Yeah sounds like a blast but was a little terrifying when their tour guide only spoke to them in Spanish which he was convinced Madison spoke. Although she could not be the translate he wanted her to be she still had a ton of fun and will never forget that experience.

Em & Kynzee take on Gulf Shores, Alabama

Emily and Kynzee road tripped 11 hours down to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a memorable week of salt, sand, and some inside jokes that will never get old. The day they got there the city of Gulf Shores passed a law restricting alcohol consumption on all Gulf Shores beaches. We thought this was the worst news in the world but it was actually a blessing in disguise as the week was relaxing yet fun and nothing like PCB (that we barely survived our freshman years). Emily stayed with some of her friends in a little red house right off the beach in Gulf Shores and Kynzee stayed in a condo in the beautiful Orange Beach – #5girls1orange as Kynz would put it. They both had a blast (wearing Riffraff of course!) on the beach by day and hit up the Hangout and Floradabama by night. Kynzee had steak 3 times, yes I know I am jealous too, while Emily had crab almost every day while she was there. Needless to say we both had an amazing trip with even more amazing friends.

Bonus – Although I am glad to be back in Fayetteville where my bed isn’t a sandbox, I got back to Fayetteville and immediately was craving some yummy buttery crab clusters. Lucky me because a new seafood place on Dickson Street just opened up called Kraken. Located right next to the food trucks, this gem is absolutely to die for. Their crab clusters were seriously better than the crab in Gulf Shores and they had this awesome scrub that left your hands feeling so soft after the crabs destroy them. You need to try them out!

Written by Emily Weech, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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