Feature Friday: Ashlyn Cook

How many of you Riffraffers out there love it when you get your package full of riffraff goods in the mail? I can confidently say all of you. Well, there are several people that make this happen, but the lady behind the curtain handling shipping and logistics is Ashlyn Cook (Give her a follow here: @ashlyn_cook) Ashlyn has the sweetest soul and a work ethic like you wouldn’t believe. Every single package that we ship out of HQ has been in her hands at some point, and they all receive love. Ashlyn takes so much pride in seeing things be done in a productive manner and that’s why our system runs so smoothly.

Faith: When did you first start working at Riffraff?

Ashlyn: I started working at Riffraff in June of 2015.

F: What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

A: On a typical day first thing in the morning I process all the orders and get them ready for all the interns to pull and help ship. I work on express orders and check in with the reps on a weekly basis, too. As the interns pull the clothes, I check all the orders to make sure we are sending out all the correct things. I answer emails and help customers with all and any of their needs. I handle all the paperwork with the insurance companies. I also team up with Cookie to handle the reordering of Charlie Southern and fill all the Charlie Southern orders. And the best part of my job is getting to over see all of the interns!

F: What is the toughest part of your job?

A: I would say probably overseeing the interns. There are 9 interns. I had leadership positions in college, but this is a day to day leadership position and the potions that I had before were way less strenuous. It’s hard to balance being a friend and being a boss. It’s the toughest, but the best part of my job and it motivates me to come to work every day.

F: What has been your most memorable day while working at RRHQ?

A: This is a really weird day, but it’s my favorite! It was around the 4th of July and I had only been working at Riffraff for a couple weeks. Kirsten had brought us all popsicles and we were just hanging out on the Downtown Fayetteville Square. It was the very first day that I felt like I had a purpose and was really supposed to be a part of #clubriffraff.

F: When was the first time you had heard of Riffraff?

A: It was my freshman year of college and my best friend that lived two doors down from me in my dorm was so obsessed with candles. I finally asked her where she got them and she told me Riffraff. So I went into Riffraff for the first time to buy a candle and ended falling in love with all of the clothes and the rest is history!

F: So, what’s in your lunch bag?

A: I made homemade chicken salad! Trying to be healthy, ya know?

F: What was your favorite purchase from Riffraff?

A: That is so hard because I love everything that I buy at Riffraff! I am obsessed with this floral Mumu dress (pictured above). It is SO comfortable and I am able to dress it up or down. I’ve worn it to work, a bridal shower, church, whatever!

F: What is the most interesting thing about you?

A: One time I was at the Atlanta airport and I was standing in line at Chinese Buffett. I started talking to this dude for like 10 minutes. It was a casual, good convo, but I didn’t think much of it. When I walked away all of these people started swarming him asking for pictures. I was so confused! I asked the girl next to me who it was and sure enough it was Young Joc. Good times.

F: And lastly, what does #riffrafflove mean to you?

A: *laughs* This is deep! Well, I guess when I think of #riffrafflove I think of a very passionate group of girls that are extremely hard working. They have worked their tales off for years to make girls all across the board feel included and that they are a part of something bigger. We are able to help women express themselves. #riffrafflove exemplifies a group of women that can work together, encourage each other, and spark creativity from one another.  You do have to have some confidence in yourself to join the #riffrafflove movement, so I think it teaches girls to be confident and love themselves outside of what they wear.

Interview by Faith Tyrell, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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