Feature Friday: Stephanie Griffith

Have you ever had a question, comment, or concern when it came to fulfilling your Riffraff needs? Rest assured, help is but an email away. Our main girl Stephanie, a.k.a. the Riffraff HR + Communications/PR director, has you covered. From answering all of your emails to maintaining relationships with all of our affiliates and bloggers, she handles it all. Sure, she can answer your emails, but she probably would like for you to just drop in and say hi, too. Try it! She is way friendly!

Faith: When did you first start working at Riffraff?

Stephanie: April of 2015! It’s just about my one year!

F: What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

S: I come in and check all of the voicemails and call everyone back! Then I will check the customer service email and respond accordingly. Next, I will go through Facebook and check for messages and comments regarding clothes or questions that may have been posted. Then I will check the partnership email, which is the point of contact for the ambassadors that we work with to promote our brand. We are currently changing up the ambassador program, which has been taking up some of my time, too.

F: Can you elaborate on the affiliate program?

S: The affiliate position is a program that we just started and anyone can sign up to be an affiliate of Riffraff. Basically, each affiliate will receive a personalized code that they can share with their friends and followers. Every time the code is used the affiliate is given 5% back from the purchase in Riffraff Bucks. It’s not a bad gig!

F: What is the toughest part of your job?

S: Dealing with upset customers is the toughest part for sure. People forget that we are a small business and it is critical for us to stick to the policies that are in place. We did recently update our return policy and there is now a 14-day period where you are able to receive a full refund. We also extended the store credit period to 30 days instead of the previous 21 day period.

F: What has been your most memorable day while working at RRHQ?

S: Probably Bikes Blues and BBQ last year. All of the office staff walked down to the event and got corndogs and funnel cakes and we all dressed like biker chicks. It was just a really great day and we all had so much fun!

F: When was the first time you had heard of Riffraff?

S: Every since Riffraff moved to the Downtown Square I had always kind of known about it. Being from here Riffraff was always on my radar!

F: So, what’s in your lunch bag?

S: *laughs* I had Tacos 4 Life today. You would think that I had Whataburger since I have the cup on my desk, but don’t be fooled, that was breakfast.

F: What was your favorite purchase from Riffraff?

S: Going along with the theme from above, it would have to be my burger queen sweater. I bought the sweater because it totally relates to my personality and lifestyle. I eat a lot of burgers. It’s also super comfy and soft, so that’s a plus.

F: What is the most interesting thing about you?

S: I was on Slimtime Live when I was little, but I didn’t make it very far. That is kind sad if that’s the most interesting thing about me, right? (No Steph, it’s still awesome!!!)

F: And lastly, what does #riffrafflove mean to you?

S: I think it means… Whenever someone says Riffraff Love I think ‘work’ but the difference is that some people are bummed when they think of work, but when I think of work I get excited because I love my job. So to me Riffraff love is very literal because I love Riffraff!

Interview by Faith Tyrell, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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