HQ Cutie: Brooke Davis

How much do you love looking at all of our styled outfits online? Do you feel #blessed that you have new outfit inspo from your fav online store? Isn’t it great when you read the product descriptions and they are the perfect combination of witty and informative? If you resistnate with any of these questions, go ahead and give Brooke Davis a S/O bc this girl is PHENOMINAL at what she does! Not only is she stunning (see for yourself on her Insta, @BrookeDavis), but she is also mad creative. She has big things in the works and credits her time at Riffraff HQ to her success!

Faith: When did you first start working at Riffraff?

Brooke: It was in September of my sophomore year of college and I started as a shop girl. I was a shop girl for about a year and a half. I was then promoted to assistant manager of the store for a few months before I took on a new roll in January of my junior year. This was when I became Kirsten’s personal assistant and I was the Riffraff HQ Social Media Director. One thing lead to another and now, after I went to New York and came back, I was promoted to shopriffraff.com Editorial and Styling Assistant. It has been a fun ride!

F: New York, huh? So what did you do in the Big Apple?

B: I was in NYC for 10 weeks and was interning as an Assistant Buyer and it was an incredible expierence. The shopping there is literally insane. There is everything you could imagine. I also had several celebrity sightings. I saw Chris Soules from The Bachelor. It was during a workday and my internship had paid for all of the interns to participate in a day excursion. A friend of mine and I were hustling to make there and I saw a guy from behind that caught my eye. You know when you see a guy from behind and you just know he is hot? Well, that was totally the case here. Then he turned around and sure enough it was Chris. We chatted for a minute and he was so nice!

F: What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

B: I get here at 11 a.m. every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I normally eat lunch while I schedule out the @shopriffraff Instagram account. Then I will go through and style all of the new arrivals for the day. After that I will divide those outfits between the models and pick who will wear what that day.

F: What is the toughest part of your job?

B: I guess probably writing descriptions for all of the products when they go online. You have to be creative and be insightful, but other than that my job is hardly work because it is so fun.

F: What has been your most memorable day while working at RRHQ?

B: The day that we shot the Friday + Saturday hustle tees because we went to Red Lobster for the shoot. We drank and ate together all while taking pictures. It was a lot of fun!

F: When was the first time you had heard of Riffraff?

B: When I was in high school several of my friends that went to the U of A would always talk about how Riffraff was there favorite store in Fayetteville and that’s where they all would go shopping. Naturally, it became mine too!

F: What was your favorite purchase from Riffraff?

B: I recently purchased the Daydreamer: Rolling Stones 1989 Tour Tee and absolutely love it. I wore it the day I bought it, actually.

F: What is the most interesting thing about you?

B: I guess that it would have to be that I would be moving back to New York after I graduate. I’m really excited because I will be working for the same company that I interned for last summer.

F: And lastly, what does #riffrafflove mean to you?

B: It’s a mixture of cute and trendy clothes, but mostly, to me, it means the family I have here at work. When I see girls out and about I always think “riffrafflove” when I see them. It’s way more than just a hashtag, it’s a lifestyle.

Interview by Faith Tyrell, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

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