Summer Vacay Photo Diary

After our next family vacation was revealed (Ecuador + the Galapagos Islands) my sister and I had no clue what to expect. Vague memories of briefly touching on the topic of the Galapagos Islands in a science class resurfaced and I was skeptical at best. Little did I know this would easily secure the #1 spot of my favorite travel destination.

Nestled on the edge of South America, Ecuador has one of the most interesting cultures I’ve ever experienced. The combination of Spanish and European influence makes for an endless-summer vibe curated by rich colors and the mix of traditional and stone architecture.

The Galapagos Islands are a history rich archipelago of volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador. The landscape is indescribable and the wildlife is unparalleled to anywhere else I’ve been (okay, done nerding out).

Photo Diary: Ecuador + Galapagos Islands + Riffraff summer vacation staples that are perfect for this vacation destination…

Curated by Carley King, Summer ’16 Creative Intern

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