Girls Night In

Want to go out? Want to put makeup on? Want to shower and do your hair? Me neither, lets stay IN for the night! I have the perfect solution for having a Girls Night In and not having FOMO (fear of missing out) because you’re home watching peoples Snapchats. Take a look at four simple ingredients that make for a girls night that will have people wishing they could join the P A R T Y!!!

Pizza= Soul Food


Take me back to elementary school where every Friday was a Pizza party or we can just have a girls night in. Although any pizza is amazingly great and satisfying to the soul, try to spice things up with either making homemade pizzas with your girlfriends or ordering gourmet from your favorite pizzeria. (Pictured below is Woodstone Pizza)!!! My Fayetteville favorite!!

Popcorn, Wine, Chocolate Time


The 3 food groups that are a must!!! Okay okay I know wine isn’t a food group but for a girls night in, it is. You can’t watch a movie without popcorn so instead of choosing one topping for your popcorn, why not make a popcorn bar! A little sour, a little sweet? Yes please.

Pick A Movie Any Movie


Movie choices are crucial, I mean absolutely crucial. You have to find a movie that is perfect for the groups personality. Pictured above is some of my favorite #throwback movies. Anytime a girls night in is at stake, putting on a classic movie from your childhood always has ~good vibes~ attached to it!

Friends: The Ingredient to a Perfect Night


β€œTonight lets laugh the night away, eat our weight, and regret nothing in the morning”-Anonymous

Curated by Kylie Lynch, Summer ’16 Creative intern

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