10 Confessions of a College Drama Queen

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  • Kendall Jenner gets paid $120,000 to $300,000 per Instagram post and I’m just over here trying to get 11 likes so it changes from names to numbers.
  • I wish classes were 7 for $27 (@victoriasecret)
  • FAFSA be like “I see your parents usually get two toppings on their pizza… you must not need any aid”
  • How do people find their soul mate in the first 2 months of college, it took me 4 months to find the administration building.
  • *spends $7.00* “Okay I need to calm down with all this spending”
  • *pokes GPA with a stick* “u ok?”
  • “Remix to ignition, there’s no food in the kitchen, my life is a mess and I can’t afford my tuition”
  • Some college students are traveling all over the world and I just used quarters to pay for gas.
  • The most useful thing I’ve learned in college is how to quiet my breathing so people don’t realize how much I struggle walking up the stairs.
  • Family member:  “What do you want to do with your life?” Me: “It’s a surprise”

Curated by Kylie Lynch, Summer ’16 Creative Intern

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