On The Grid

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites, and my personal favorite platform to scroll through when I’m procrastinating doing homework.  Scrolling through you can see pictues with friends, outfits of the day, lifestyle pics, and anything in between. The editing of your pictures has become almost as important as the picture itself and VSCO Cam is the perfect app to step up your Insta game and improve your grid. Here’s a little preview on my favorite VSCO presets and what they can do for your pics:

None: Sometimes all your picture needs is a little exposure or contrast and no filter at all! VSCO lets you adjust exposure, saturation, temperature, and so much more without choosing a filter.


A5: This filter is really cool because it brightens your pictures but also adds a soft tone to them.


B1: The perfect black and white filter. It’s not too harsh or contrasted and stays true to the original colors and tones of the picture.


C1: I love using this filter for pictures with lots of colors! It makes the colors pop but not too much so that it’s overwhelming. It’s got a bit of a pinky tone so if youre going for a girly vibe, then this is perfect for you!


HB2: This is my current go-to preset at the moment. It gives your pictures a great contrast but also a cooling effect that is great for pictures with people and skintones.


T1: This is a really cool preset if you’re looking for a dark and almost washed out aesthetic to your grid. It’s perfect if you want a great vibe but not a lot of brightness or colors in your pictures.


There’s a ton more presets on the VSCO Cam app so have fun and play around with it! Just remember to stick to a general filter for all your Instagrams for a perfect grid aesthetic.

Shoutout to Burton’s for the ice cream!!!

Curated by Kara Johnson, Summer ’16 Creative Intern

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