Flashback Friday


Since Brad and Angelina broke up, let’s travel back in time and look at what else has happened over the past twelve years during their relationship.

2004: Brangelina started dating in the summer 

  • Yeah! By Usher was the number one song of the year
  • Facebook had just started
  • Prince William and Princess Kate had just started dating
  • Mean Girls just premiered in theaters!


  • You were not cool unless you had at least one Livestrong bracelet
  • The Office premiered on TV
  • Motorola just came out with the Pink Razor

2006: Zahara was adopted Brangelina welcomed their first biological child Shiloh.

  • The Hills premiered on MTV and I bet you still hate Spencer
  • Anyone and everyone had a cheesy AIM screenname
  • Avril Lavigne was everything
  • Twitter started

2007: Brangelina adopt Pax

  • Crank Dat by Souja Boy was the best song of the year
  • You totally owned a sequins purse
  • The first Iphone came out

2008:Twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline were born!

  • The Dark Night went into theaters.
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z started dating
  • Everyone seemed to own a pair of gauchos


  • Drake came out with his first album
  • Modern Family premiered on ABC
  • Tamagotchi’s were actually a thing
  • The King of pop, Michael Jackson died


  • Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up
  • Parks and Recs premiered
  • Skinny jeans were the most popular item among men and women


  • Adele’s Someone Like You was the number one song
  • Kim Kardashian got married to Kris Humphries
  • Kim and Kris got divoriced (72 days later)
  • Snapchat was invented


  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up
  • Here Comes Honey-Boo-Boo was actually a TV show that premiered
  • Remember the KONY2012 movement?


  • Miley Cyrus came out with Wrecking Ball
  • You totally watched Vines for at least an hour a day
  • Frozen premiered in theaters

2014: Brad and Angelina finally got married!

  • James Cordon’s late night show first came out!
  • How I Met Your Mother had it’s season finale
  • Kim and Kayne got married


  • Zayn left One Direction
  • Hotline Bling was the number one song of the year
  • Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck broke up

2016: so far

  • Brad and Angelina broke up!
  • One Direction has fully broke up
  • Hottest song: Closer by The Chainsmokers


Written by Maddy Holmes, 2016 Fall Intern


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