Let’s all take a quick stroll down memory lane to MK&A’s Australian adventure. Anyone else remember the iconic matching go-go boots on the yacht scene?

Our Riffraff Fayetteville Visual Inventory Director, Savannah, just had her own Australian get away. Here’s a quick 10 question interview to get a little insight into Sav’s trip of a lifetime.


Why Australia?

“One of my best friends in the entire world lives there. We met in an “ice breaker” group at London College of Fashion while studying abroad. We had lunch that day and have been besties ever since! I couldn’t pass up a trip in such a cool place while also getting to visit my best friend.”

#1 best moment of the entire trip?

“There’s so many. The whole trip was #1. We rented a car in Tasmania and had planned an hour trip and we ended up stopping at every single look out along the way. The trip ended up being 4 hours and it was amazing.”

#1 worst moment of the entire trip?

“One day my feet hurt so bad I had to buy tennis shoes and sit on the floor of the store to change immediately. I took 24,000 steps that day.” Ouch.

Favorite city you visited?

“Sydney and Tasmania.”

What two things you were surprised by?

#1) “How COLD it was. It was 40 degrees cooler than I had originally anticipated so I had to buy a small winter wardrobe and a new suitcase to bring it all home.”

#2) “I didn’t expect it to be a combination of every where I’ve ever been. I kept finding pieces of all the places I had been all come together. Oh, and the drinks were much smaller than at home!  I had to order a large everywhere I went. When I got back, I was in the habit of ordering larges and got much more coffee than I was planning for Monday morning!”

What did you miss most about home?

“Hattie Bee, my imperial shitzu.” @hattiebee

Favorite thing you ate?

“Salad with roasted pumpkins, quinoa, pomegranate seeds, mint, and halloumi cheese. Sweet potato hot chips (french fries) on the side!” MMMM.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Strangest thing you ate?

“Tofu covered in egg batter. Not a fan.”

What is one thing you left at home but wish you had brought with you?

“Warmer clothes. 100%.”

What is one thing you learned about yourself?

“I could travel 24/7. I wanna go everywhere.”


Written by Kate Bailey, Fall 2016 Creative Intern



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