Going through someone’s purse can tell you a lot about their personality and interests. Are you the kind of girl that needs an oversized bag to keep your whole life, lunch and loose change in? Or do you prefer the small clutch that barely fits a few cards, lipstick and your phone? I was so excited when a few of the ladies in Riffraff HQ agreed to let me document their purses, and now I’m letting y’all in on it too!

Alex Bodishbaugh – Branding, Social Media and Graphics Directoralex-bodishbaugh

Ashlyn Cook – Logistics & Inventory Directorashlyn-cook

Aryn Merritt – Stylist & Editorial Manageraryn-merritt

Stephanie Griffith – Communications Directorstephanie-griffith

MaK Kurre – Creative Design Internmak-kurre

What’s in my bag bonus:

Once I did a few of the other gal’s purses I decided I wanted to do my own. After going through my wallet I was reminded of my movie ticket stub collection. Which if you don’t have, you should 100% start. I am a BIG fan of going to see movies in theaters. And every single time I try and save the ticket stub in my wallet. As you can see, some of the stubs have faded after yearssssss of being moved from wallet to wallet of mine, I don’t even know exactly how long it’s been since I first started but I’ve decided to share a few with you that I found amusing. Let me clarify… not my favorites (1D in 3-D being an exception)… but these are just to show you how much of a hoarder I really may be when it comes to my wallet.


Written by MaKenzie Kurre, Fall 2016 Creative Intern

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