One Month Left Until 2017, Make It Count

Try Something New: This summer I decided I was going to apply for a creative design internship at Riffraff. I knew I didn’t know a lot about creative design but the point of an internship is to learn right? And that is exactly what happened. I learned more than I even imagined I would, and every bit of it I feel was beneficial: from what it is like to come to work everyday doing a job you genuinely enjoy, to creating email concept designs and social media content. Granted, one month may not be enough time to try a new job but you could start with a new food or a new hairstyle.

Suggestions – Arsaga’s Toast at Arsaga’s on Center St. (my fav place)toast

Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go: There is no better time than the holidays to take off work and do a mini vacay. Even just a weekend road trip with your best friend. Make memories in a city that you’ve never been before.

Suggestions – Nashville, Palm Springs, Boston, Kansas City, New Orleans or

Reflect & Give Thanks: Write a note to someone who you’re thankful for. Letters don’t happen enough these days, it means so much more when you take the time to hand write something and then that person always has it. Or start a journal, that way this time next year you can look back and see what you were interested in or thinking about. I started my daily journal a little less than a year ago and now writing in it every morning is like a habit. Every once in awhile I will flip back threw it and you’d be surprised what you forget you were even thinking about a month ago.ban-do-journal

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Written by Makenzie Kurre, Fall 2016 Creative Intern

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