We’re Pretty Social Here At Riffraff

Here’s the lowdown on all of our social media accounts!


@ShopRiffraff: This is where we have daily product posts. You can now use this account to order products RIGHT ON INSTA! Makin’ your life better one Instagram account at a time.

@RiffraffHQ: Here is where you get a little behind the scenes action whether that be a sneak peak at new arrivals or getting to know our HQ girls!

@RiffraffFayetteville: Living in Fayetteville? This is the account you MUST to follow. Find out about exclusive in store items and sales! This account posts new arrivals daily and give you some inspiration on how to style them.




@RiffraffFayetteville: Facebook’s making a comeback people! Follow us on Facebook to see new arrivals each day as well as giveaways and Facebook lives!



@ShopRiffraff: Where our tweeters at?! Follow our Twitter account for fun behind the scenes action, polls, giveaways, and new arrivals!




@ShopRiffraff: We like to think we’re pretty funny and we can prove it on our Snapchat account! Aside from joking around we post daily new arrivals, staff faves, behind the scenes, and other fun things on this account.




ShopRiffraff: We pin!!! We adore Pinterest and we’d love to show you what we’re interested in and new products we have on this account. Follow us and we promise your feed won’t regret it!




Betcha didn’t know we had an App! Download it for easy shopping from your phone! And p.s. we do exclusive App giveaways and sales that you do not want to miss out on!

Download the App here!

Written By: Zoë Lauer


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