First get the perfect bag (at that will fit all the essentials to help you survive your international flight! Whether you’re gearing up to study abroad this summer or traveling around the world for vacation, here are seven essentials to keep you sane until you reach your final destination!

The Sweatshirt


Personally, I am always cold, especially on an airplane so it’s important for me to feel cozy and comfortable. This sweater – $88 online – is giving me all the warm and fuzzies for the next 16 hours!

Shop it here!

The Slip On Sneaker


Nothing is more of a drag during your traveling experience than airport security; make it a bit easier with a pair of slide on lifestyle sneakers! These are absolutely adorable and extremely practical for taking on and off through out the flight.

Shop them here!

The Ear Buds

Ear-buds are usually everyone’s go-to choice when watching movies and listening to music but from personal experience my ears tend to get pretty irritated after having them in for multiple hours at a time so it’s important to try and have some variety! I use the Beats by Dr. Dre in rose gold but only because I got them for free on tax-free last year! There’s no need to go overboard with headphone but it is a key factor in your survival so don’t cheap out completely!

The Water Bottle

bando water bottle

Hydration is so important when flying for long periods of time so it’s extremely important you’re drinking lots of water! I always love bringing a water bottle with me so that I can fill it up throughout the flight, plus I wont have the anxiety of feeling like my water cup is about to spill all over me during unexpected turbulence!

Shop the water bottle here!

The Entertainment

13 reasons why book

Sometimes you just need a break from the movies or the music so you might want to add a little bit of variety like bringing along a good book. Maybe you wont be able to binge watch your favorite Netflix series, but you could read the book! Try out 13 Reasons Why.

The Necessity

airplane pillow

As geeky as it looks, you won’t regret it if you purchase one of these travel pillows. If you are lucky enough to travel in business class with reclining seats that turn into beds then lucky you, you’re doing something right! But as for the rest of us, flying economy in a flight longer than 8 hours can be frustrating when all you want to do is sleep but you can’t get comfy. No, you will not have the best sleep of your life but eventually you will just be so exhausted that the travel pillow will suffice and you get to squeeze in a few mediocre hours of sleep.

Written by: Bridget Nicolia 

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