How To Own Instagram This Summer

Let’s all be honest with ourselves, we’re all trying to find out the best way to get the most likes and follows. So here is some help  for EVERYONE (including ourselves). We stalked the coolest it girls, got a few tips and stole a few tricks. Sit back relax (maybe sip on a cocktail) and watch your likes sky rocket with these 5 tips.


I can’t say it enough props are what bring in the likes. If you know you’re going to the beach prepare, bring the inflatables all the fun accessories.


Shop accessories here: giant intertube – koozie – show me your mum tie top

2. The BIGGER the shades the better

Sunglasses are in. They’ve been in and they always will be. So you better find your favorite style, but don’t worry we are here to help. We’ve picked out the coolest sunglasses to hit your feed!


Call/ Text Riffraff Fayetteville to order these sunglasses 479.684.1749

3. Tell em with your ears

THESE TASSELS. We can’t get enough! They’re the perfect way to spice up your Instagram feed. Your dm’s are about to be full because everyone is going to be asking where you got them. They are the perfect statement piece to any outfit…. and guess what?? We’ve got them in about every color imaginable!


Shop Tassel earrings here!


Whether you need a filter or not we’ve asked a few of our creative interns which apps they are editing with most and heres what they had to say:

BRIDGET NICOLIA: “VSCO has to be my favorite app to edit my photos because it gives me so many different options of filters, and its a great way to store all my edited photos.”


MAK KURRE: “I love A Color Story so much because it makes all the color in my pictures really pop. It also makes them look a lot cleaner.”


Make sure and check out Bridget and MaK’s Instagram’s to see all of their exciting photos and our tips come to life!

These Apps are available in the app store.

5. Mix it up

Trust yourself. Every Instagram doesn’t have to be of you and your friends. Post that selfie, take a picture of the sunset, or post a funny quote! Keep your followers guessing and wanting more!


Written By: Spencer Hefton

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