Food & Fun

Fall Bucket List

  1. Go to a local pumpkin patch


    Pick the perfect pumpkin or just take cute pics with friends!

  2. Order a pumpkin spice latte
  3. Get lost in a corn maze
  4. Carve or paint a pumpkin
  5. Go to the local farmers market


    Treat yoself to sunflowers!!

  6. Go to a Halloween party
  7. Make pumpkin bread
  8. Go for a hay ride
  9. Jump in a pile of leaves


    Or just take cute pictures!!

  10. Find the best pumpkin pie
  11. Host a scary movie marathon
  12. Break out your comfy sweaters and leggings
  13. Host a bonfire with your closet friends


    Roast S’mores!

  14. Go to a fall festival nearby
  15. Go apple picking
  16. Take a scenic drive and see the foliage


    Nothing more relaxing than crusing down a back road

  17. Go to a Haunted house
  18. Go on a hike
  19. Find the perfect hot chocolate recipe
  20. Drive in movie

    Make sure to bring pillows and snuggly blankets


Written By Emma Donart, Fall 2016 Creative Intern

Pack Your Backpack

It’s almost that time of the year again….back to school. If you’re feeling down about the summer coming to an end, we’ve got something to cheer you up! Riffraff is here to hlpe you pack your backpack with all kinds of trendy school goodies! Here are some of our biggest school necessities:


Celeb and Emoji Stickerz – whatcha think’ bout? Journal – carry-all duo –

Not Today Coffee Mug – Store Only

Water Bottle – Store Only

Ted Baker Pencil Case – Store Only

Curated by Kara Johnson, Summer ’16 Creative Intern

Girls Night In

Want to go out? Want to put makeup on? Want to shower and do your hair? Me neither, lets stay IN for the night! I have the perfect solution for having a Girls Night In and not having FOMO (fear of missing out) because you’re home watching peoples Snapchats. Take a look at four simple ingredients that make for a girls night that will have people wishing they could join the P A R T Y!!!

Pizza= Soul Food


Take me back to elementary school where every Friday was a Pizza party or we can just have a girls night in. Although any pizza is amazingly great and satisfying to the soul, try to spice things up with either making homemade pizzas with your girlfriends or ordering gourmet from your favorite pizzeria. (Pictured below is Woodstone Pizza)!!! My Fayetteville favorite!!

Popcorn, Wine, Chocolate Time


The 3 food groups that are a must!!! Okay okay I know wine isn’t a food group but for a girls night in, it is. You can’t watch a movie without popcorn so instead of choosing one topping for your popcorn, why not make a popcorn bar! A little sour, a little sweet? Yes please.

Pick A Movie Any Movie


Movie choices are crucial, I mean absolutely crucial. You have to find a movie that is perfect for the groups personality. Pictured above is some of my favorite #throwback movies. Anytime a girls night in is at stake, putting on a classic movie from your childhood always has ~good vibes~ attached to it!

Friends: The Ingredient to a Perfect Night


“Tonight lets laugh the night away, eat our weight, and regret nothing in the morning”-Anonymous

Curated by Kylie Lynch, Summer ’16 Creative intern

Red, White And Food


DSC_4965 (1)


Nothing makes you want a hot dog more than July 4th and this mumu tunic will be the  ketchup to your mustard. I love it because its super flowy so you can eat as many hot dogs as you want


Bomb pops can get messy, that’s why we paired this food with a tie dye mumu tunic! Love this look because its super comfortable and you don’t have to worry about dripping any popsicle on a white shirt this 4th of July.


This girly watermelon colored mumu skirt paired with our All American tank is the perfect outfit for a 4th spent hanging out. This skirt is so light and airy and just what you need to survive the July heat!


This red mumu set is so easy thing to throw on for a fourth spent drinking with friends. I love how effortless this look is while still being a dressier outfit, so you can be comfortable and chic!

Curated by Phoebe Lathrop, Summer ’16 Creative Intern