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If you told me I could be anyone that I wanted to for one day, I would say “hands-down, Selena Gomez.” As I’m writing this she has 68.6 MILLION INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS. Let me put that in perspective: That’s more than double the population of the state of Texas, where Gomez grew up(bless u tx). Another fun fact, T-Swift has 68.7m. So Selena is basically on the same level as Taylor. I know the day is coming when Selena will have more followers than squad-leader Swift and that’s going to be an awkward day for the squad.


But regardless of her success on social media, Gomez seems to be a really cool person (because I know her so well??). She’s featured on the cover of this month’s #RRHQreads magazine, W, and after reading the article I’ve come to 3 conclusions.

1) Eat at Chili’s

I just have this feeling that Kim K wouldn’t be caught dead in a Chili’s. But our girl Selena actually requested the restaurant (and honestly why wouldn’t you, they have everything you could ever possibly want). She even ate queso. So next time you and your squad are arguing about where to eat, look no further than Chili’s.

2) Take super cool pics in gold bikinis on the beach all the time

It’s a little disheartening to me that Selena can eat whatever she wants at aforementioned restaurant and still look as good as she does laying on the beach in a gold bikini, belt made from chains, and 5 inch heels. I know there’s a high chance (like 100%) that these are photo shopped BUT when she sang at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show she looked SO GOOD. Like the perfect amount of healthy. I am going to print off a picture of her and hang it on my fridge.

3) JB, it is too late now to say sorry.

Here’s what Selena responded when the journalist asked her about her relationship with Justin:


Could she have said anything more perfect??? If you’re ex-boyfriend is Justin Bieber (or anything like him) maybe it’s time to take a cue from Selena and move on.

This article made me more of a Selenator (“a person that loves Selena Gomez & supports her in anything she does” thank you Urban Dictionary) than I already was. Selena will be my #WCW forever. It’s hard to escape from under the Disney umbrella and still be cool, collected and normal *Miley Cyrus* She’s down to earth and confident.

Written by Kynzee Smith, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

Tinker Bellsleeves

We fell in love with the “When Did Sleeves Get So Huge?” piece in our #RRHQreads magazine – Glamour. We agree that as we age so do our favorite trends. From bell bottoms to bell sleeves this trend we are all about.


We love the overly dramatic flared sleeves they featured in their piece but we have to be realistic. They can be a little much for your every day street style. So we decided to make a play off theirs and feature our bell-sleeved items that will not become a pain when reaching into the salad bar or simply washing your hands.

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Featured A Fairy Tale Ending Ruffle Tunic, Attraction to Detail Tie Tunic – Olive and Mocha, Made for You Embroidered Cardigan, and the Show Me Your Mumu: Jaelynn Jumpsuit

Written by Emily Weech, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

Dress With Pants


Dress with pants!!!! You hate it already, don’t you? When I saw page 60 of this month’s Glamour Magazine, I immediately had flashbacks to 5th grade Betsy in flare jeans from Kohl’s with a bedazzled, everyshadeofblueever, spaghetti strap dress on top. Cringeworthy and then some, right? Apparently not!! 5th grade Betsy and the rest of us with our tween dress + jeans combo were just ahead of the curve. Trendsetters like my beloved Leandra Medine of Man Repeller and others (Elizabeth Banks on the red carpet, Chriselle Lim in Paris just being her fab self) have worn the heck out of this trend and we here at Riffraff are inspired.

Polls in Glamour said 50% of women would rock this trend, while the other 50% wouldn’t waste two outfits in one day. While that makes sense, we’re falling in the former group for this post.


First, I styled Faith in a simple, white, sheath dress over light washed distressed jeans. The differing textures of the two pieces complemented each other and tbh there wasn’t any other reasoning behind it besides I liked it a lot. Throw on a heavy gold necklace and our retro Arkansas hat and you can easily go to brunch with your friends or go to class. Easy, breezy, low maintenance.

IMG_9834Kenzie is a little more casual in classic Riff Raff style with brightly colored, fun bellbottoms and a tiered, cotton dress over it. Add a drop necklace and you’re good.


Emily’s look is my personal fave with a offtheshoulder, black and white dress with slits that show just enough of the light wash boyfriend jeans. No pair of boyfriend jeans is complete without absurdly high heels so I had to add those also. And between you and I the dress is actually a two piece set which makes it a thousand times cooler. Are you up for rocking this look? Post in on instagram and hashtag it “#riffrafflove”!!!!!!!!


Written, styled, and photographed by Betsy Lotspiech, Spring ’16 Creative Intern

The Not So New Year


It was the day before my first day as a senior in high school when my dad treated me to a gift like I had never received before: total access (within reason) to his credit card. The only way to properly describe how I was feeling at this moment is by comparing it to skydiving. A rush. A thrill. I had complete and total freedom. This was my world and everyone else was just living in it.

Sorry, coming back down to reality and continuing my story…

I strutted into the mall as if I were Blair Waldorf at Chanel, the only differences being I was 17 and couldn’t wear headbands because I had a 5-head. I danced from store to store, trying on anything and everything. But then I laid eyes on the love of my life. It was a moment of redefying beauty. This was the “love at first sight” actresses always gushed about in chick flicks. I approached cautiously; surely this was too good to be true.

But there they were, the jeans that made jeans, well, jeans.

I tried them on and they fit like a dream. I stared at myself in the store mirror for a shameless amount of time and finally yelled to the sales clerk to wrap them up. From that day forward I was a new and trendier woman.

Quite a few years and additional pounds later, those jeans still hold near and dear to my heart. TBH, I had hid them in the back of my closet because I was too sad to admit to myself that I couldn’t fit in them anymore. Prior to the New Year, I stumbled upon the self-proclaimed “diva denim” while organizing. To say I was nostalgic wouldn’t begin to cover it.

My walk down memory lane sparked an idea. I held the pants up to my hips and envisioned myself wearing them. That was the moment I decided that as of January 1st, I would embark on a journey to wear the diva denim once again.

Good news blogger babes, as of February 3rd I could pull the diva denim up over my hips. They haven’t buttoned just yet, but I’ve already come a LONG way from where I began a month ago. Sometimes we forget to pat ourselves on the back for progress. Progress, for some odd reason, is waaaay less satisfying than results. In reality, progress is equally, if not more important, than results in the long run.

There is a fab quote in issue 12 of Porter Magazine, which just happens to be in the #RRHQreads read of the month, from the insanely inspirational Sylvia Earle.

“What we do – or don’t do – now will be an inheritance for all time,” Earle said.

We all have goals we want to achieve and things we want to leave behind in the new year and Sylvia Earle and I are here to remind you fabulous people to keep on progressing. Dreaming big is so important and we are all just trucking along together. Don’t become discouraged if your resolutions aren’t panning out the way you intended them to. Instead, let’s use February as an ode to the not so New Year. The New Year has come and gone and people are starting to blow off their resolutions. Rather than give up, buckle down. We are all so close to buttoning our diva denim!


Written by Faith Tyrell, Spring ’16 Creative Intern