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Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid go together like Pumpkin Spice Lattes and fall. Kendall and Gigi are two of the biggest fashion icons at the moment. Here are some of their most fab looks you can get right here on .

The ultimate bestie duo taking on the world together. Bomber jackets are a major staple this season. Thrown one on over a plain tee and you’ve taken your look to a whole new level.

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Long cardigans are not only a major statement, they’re a great way to keep warm when it gets chilly. Kendall paired hers with a simple white top and light denim. Winning combo!

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There’s nothing like a good plaid shirt when the leaves start to change. Dress it down with jeans or dress it up with a cute pair of leather pants. The options are endless.

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We’ve got the perfect pair of over the knee boots. Over the knee boots can take your simple black dress to new heights. Gigi looking amazing in her leather jacket + black dress + over the knee boots.

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Cowl neck sweaters are a fall go-to piece. The perfect combination of cute and cozy. Kendall and Gigi looking ever so chic in theirs.

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Jump into fall with this fun outfit. A black jumpsuit can be worn so many different ways. Gigi has hers paired with a simple black jacket. Grab a leather jacket, a white tee to go underneath, or wear it alone to switch up your look.

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These fab fall looks aren’t just for the stars anymore. Happy fall and happy shopping!

Written by Kate Bailey, Fall 2016 Creative Intern





Let’s all take a quick stroll down memory lane to MK&A’s Australian adventure. Anyone else remember the iconic matching go-go boots on the yacht scene?

Our Riffraff Fayetteville Visual Inventory Director, Savannah, just had her own Australian get away. Here’s a quick 10 question interview to get a little insight into Sav’s trip of a lifetime.


Why Australia?

“One of my best friends in the entire world lives there. We met in an “ice breaker” group at London College of Fashion while studying abroad. We had lunch that day and have been besties ever since! I couldn’t pass up a trip in such a cool place while also getting to visit my best friend.”

#1 best moment of the entire trip?

“There’s so many. The whole trip was #1. We rented a car in Tasmania and had planned an hour trip and we ended up stopping at every single look out along the way. The trip ended up being 4 hours and it was amazing.”

#1 worst moment of the entire trip?

“One day my feet hurt so bad I had to buy tennis shoes and sit on the floor of the store to change immediately. I took 24,000 steps that day.” Ouch.

Favorite city you visited?

“Sydney and Tasmania.”

What two things you were surprised by?

#1) “How COLD it was. It was 40 degrees cooler than I had originally anticipated so I had to buy a small winter wardrobe and a new suitcase to bring it all home.”

#2) “I didn’t expect it to be a combination of every where I’ve ever been. I kept finding pieces of all the places I had been all come together. Oh, and the drinks were much smaller than at home!  I had to order a large everywhere I went. When I got back, I was in the habit of ordering larges and got much more coffee than I was planning for Monday morning!”

What did you miss most about home?

“Hattie Bee, my imperial shitzu.” @hattiebee

Favorite thing you ate?

“Salad with roasted pumpkins, quinoa, pomegranate seeds, mint, and halloumi cheese. Sweet potato hot chips (french fries) on the side!” MMMM.

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Strangest thing you ate?

“Tofu covered in egg batter. Not a fan.”

What is one thing you left at home but wish you had brought with you?

“Warmer clothes. 100%.”

What is one thing you learned about yourself?

“I could travel 24/7. I wanna go everywhere.”


Written by Kate Bailey, Fall 2016 Creative Intern



10 Fabulous Famous Role Models


Emma Watson – Emma has been huge on gender equality ever since she was a youngin playing Hermione Granger. Now a days, Emma uses her fame to get out her message on feminism. She’s a graduate from Brown University and she was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador!!! Homegirl definitely has her life together which is such an inspiration to young girls!

Ellen DeGeneres – Okay, yes, Ellen is hilarious and a fab dancer, but she’s also generous, kind, and courageous. She gives away so much on her show and loves showing support to those who deserve it the most! She was also one of the first women in the industry to come out as openly gay and she doesn’t care to be anyone but herself!!!

Kate Middleton – Kate is defying the norm of being a princess (well duchess but princess sounds cooler so.) She was completely independent before marrying good ole Prince William. She is super generous and gives back so much. She has fabulous style and wears mostly what she wants to wear! Also, Kate always looks genuinely happy, and isn’t that what everyone wants in life???

Kendall Jenner – Okay, this one might surprise some people, but in my opinion KJ is a great role model! Her family has always been in the spotlight, yet Kendall has always seemed to be the Kardashian/Jenner that stayed down to earth. Though her fame probably did help her become a supermodel, she went off and did it on her own! She wanted no help from her family name, she wanted to do her own thing and be successful!

Angelina Jolie – Angie is probably the most generous known celeb today. She does so much amazing work in 3rd world countries. She adopted 3/6 of her children and those three would have lived a life of poverty if it weren’t for her! She stays super down to earth, even though her family may be one of the most talked about of all the famous families (especially now with the whole divorce drama.)

Zendaya – Zendaya is huge on confidence and wants other girls to be just as confident as her. She does NOT stand for internet trolls attacking people’s self esteem behind computer screens. Zendaya slays in no makeup and sweats, or in a ball gown with a full face of makeup. She gives back to community and she is turning into a style icon!!!

Katy Perry – Katy is known for her amazingly positive and can-do attitude. Much like Zendaya, Katy is huge on self-confidence! Multiple KP songs have positive messages that can give anyone a quick boost of confidence! Katy is big on meeting her fans and tries to any chance she gets.

Jennifer Lawrence – Jlaw is pretty well known for being a great role model for gals. She is super down to earth, she’s completely true to herself, she believe is equality for women in the workforce, and she’s all about positive body image. Plus, who doesn’t love her???

Tina Fey – Aside from being absolutely hilarious, Tina is a fabulous role model. She wrote her own autobiography explaining her struggles to get where she is now in a comedic way. She doesn’t care what people think. She is all about self acceptance and she is crazy determined!

Beyoncé – Okay lemme tell you why everyone’s girl, Yoncé, is a fab role model: She’s all about family, she’s humble, she’s incredibly talented, she can drop an album and stop the world, and she promotes girl power!!! Also, when I went to her concert this summer and the audience kept singing “Love On Top” when she stopped she cried a little and was SO humbled ugh love it and her.

Written by Zoe Lauer, Fall 2016 Creative Intern

TBT: Celeb Edition

The best/only common denominator between celebrities and myself is that we’ve all gone through that painfully awkward stage. You know the one. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: There’s nothing like a good throwback to keep you humble. Every time I get on Instagram I see another picture of Kylie Jenner wearing more makeup to the grocery store than I wore to my senior prom and all I can think is “I’ve seen the old Keeping Up episodes, I know who you really are!!!!”. With that being said, there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the most perfect of celebs in braces and Juicy Couture tracksuits (I still own three. No shame.)

BadGalRiRi is the queen of the world as far as I’m concerned, but she sure has come a long way.


I’m glad to know Bey rocked the tank layered over the long sleeved tee too. TBH I lived in this look from grades 4-6.


You’re lying if you say you didn’t get your hair cornrowed on your family’s cruise to Jamaica.


Digging the Raman Noodles hair and the sweet shades. You do you, JT.


Legend has it, a fan accidentally poked her finger on Taylor’s spiky locks and they were so sharp she was rushed to the hospital. Fact check me, it’s a true story.


Honestly, this is the worst picture I could find of Chase Crawford and I would still date him in half a heartbeat, Abercrombie baseball tee and all.


And FINALLY. The holy grail of celebrity throwbacks. Never forget where you came from, people.


And since I’m all about leveling the playing field, here’s a quick share of a moment I’m definitely not proud of. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.


Glad to know they all survived The Awkward Stage, and hey, they’re probably a better person because of it. I know I am. Sidenote: I basically went to the edge of the Earth (i.e. the internet) to find a truly awkward photo of Blake Lively and still found nothing. So in case you were wondering, the answer is yes, she’s always been perfect.

Curated by Carley King, Summer ’16 Creative Intern

Advice From Our #GirlBoss

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I’m sure I’m not alone when I say have a serious girl crush on Riffraff’s owner, Kirsten Blowers. If you’ve been following Riffraff since the very beginning, you probably have a pretty good feel on Kirsten’s work ethic and personality. She’s incredibly driven, spunky, Instagram obsessed, and above all, talented. She started Riffraff during college to make some money on the side and transformed a little art and furniture store into a national brand. All in eight years! Seriously, who else could accomplish that? Naturally, I’ve wanted to pick Kirsten’s brain for quite some time and this week, I got the chance. I asked her all about the start of Riffraff, what motivated her, how she got to where she is, and what her future plans are. So if you don’t already have a girl crush on Kirsten, you’re about to. Here are just a few life lessons, words of advice, and current obsessions of my favorite Girl Boss, Kirsten Blowers.

  • Nothing is impossible if you have enough drive and motivation.

I started Riffraff as a senior in college with $100 from my last paycheck, some pieces of artwork I had painted, and some refurbished furniture I had been working on. I never had a loan or a credit card. It was absolutely miserable, but it worked and that was really what gave me that drive to make all of this happen.

  • Prove people wrong.

Starting a store at age 21 with no money was one of the craziest ideas I’ve ever had and people were waiting to see me fail but I never let them. No matter how hard times got or how many people told me that this was never going to work out, I always worked to prove them wrong. There are always going to be people in your life that bring you down or criticize your dreams. Riffraff proved to those people that I can do everything they told me I wouldn’t be able to and more.

  • “Don’t get too big too fast.”

When I was in high school, I worked for a company called Masons. Years later, I was telling the owner about my idea for Riffraff and his advice was, “Don’t get too big too fast.” That always stuck with me and I still think about it to this day. There were times where I saw no growth and couldn’t pay the bills, but that always brought me back to reality. He knew what there would be hard times but knowing that he went through the same experiences I did and made it through always helped me.

  • Trust your gut.

I say this for everything in life. Always, always trust your gut. Don’t go out and try to be someone you’re not. Be authentic and represent yourself and it will always work out.

  • Never slow down.

In terms of Riffraff, I want to keep growing. I want this company to be a household name across the SEC and eventually, the nation. I want our wholesale lines, Friday & Saturday and Charlie Southern, to expand and maybe even build a few more wholesale lines. Riffraff will always be targeted toward our clientele and niche, but who knows what’s next for me as my style changes. Maybe I’ll start a new store – who knows but I don’t plan on slowing down.

  • Make work fun.

Since I’ve started this company, I don’t think there has been a single day where I didn’t want to come to work. Being surrounded by these incredible people and this energetic atmosphere is something that will never get old. We can have an idea at 9am, have it executed and planned out by 2pm, and see the results by 6pm. That’s something I’ll never take for granted because that doesn’t happen in big companies. I wouldn’t trade this work atmosphere for anything in the world.


Oh my gosh, thank you so much for sticking with us. We’ve become so many things over the years and I cannot begin to thank the people who have shopped with us since day 1 and still shop with us today. Nothing makes me happier than scrolling through Instagram and seeing people posting about Riffraff, it’s the ultimate compliment. You guys have honestly become part of our family and I can’t thank you enough for following us through all the ups and downs.

There you have it. Kirsten is pretty much the ULTIMATE Girl Boss and she’s not wrong y’all, working here is an absolute blast. So go out there and be your own #GirlBoss and prove those haters wrong. And while you’re at its, make Kirsten’s day by spreading some #RiffraffLove on Instagram.

Interview by Kara Johnson, Summer ’16 Creative Intern