3 Things You Can’t Live Without for this Fall. The Right Jacket. The Right Lip Color. And the Right Attitude.


Fall’s Favorite Jacket Is Back!

ShopRiffraff just got even MORE new bomber jackets in, so to inspire you these are some of our favorite way’s to see a bomber styled.

Give Yourself a Chic Makeover with These Bold Fall Lip Colors!

If you’re going to update your wardrobe for the fall you might as well do the same for your makeup bag. There are few things prettier than a brand new tube of lipstick.

Not only is this shade bold, but it has a clay based texture that unlike other matte lipsticks doesn’t dry out your skin.


Maybelline Color Sensational Loaded Bold Lipstick in Blackest Berry

This retro matte lipstick is the perfect deep burnt brown.


MAC It’s a Strike Lipstick in Bowl Me Over

This stand out fuchsia color is going to be the color you crave this fall.


Urban Decay Revolution in Anarchy

Last but not least, I will leave a few graphics and words of inspiration here for you.

giphy (19).gif


Written by Makenzie Kurre, Fall 2016 Creative Intern

Fall Bucket List

  1. Go to a local pumpkin patch


    Pick the perfect pumpkin or just take cute pics with friends!

  2. Order a pumpkin spice latte
  3. Get lost in a corn maze
  4. Carve or paint a pumpkin
  5. Go to the local farmers market


    Treat yoself to sunflowers!!

  6. Go to a Halloween party
  7. Make pumpkin bread
  8. Go for a hay ride
  9. Jump in a pile of leaves


    Or just take cute pictures!!

  10. Find the best pumpkin pie
  11. Host a scary movie marathon
  12. Break out your comfy sweaters and leggings
  13. Host a bonfire with your closet friends


    Roast S’mores!

  14. Go to a fall festival nearby
  15. Go apple picking
  16. Take a scenic drive and see the foliage


    Nothing more relaxing than crusing down a back road

  17. Go to a Haunted house
  18. Go on a hike
  19. Find the perfect hot chocolate recipe
  20. Drive in movie

    Make sure to bring pillows and snuggly blankets


Written By Emma Donart, Fall 2016 Creative Intern

If These Walls Could Talk

The walls that surround you are important. They should make you happy. They should inspire you. There are some easy ways to add some serious inspiration to your walls. Riffraff HQ is a great place to start. I am constantly inspired every time I look around this place. Here are some of my favorite spaces. The inspo here never stops!

When you first walk into Riffraff HQ, you’re greeted with a black and white “Hello There” print on the wall. Look to your right and you’ll see one of my favorite spaces. Who doesn’t love a good neon sign?



Head downstairs and you’ll find our glam girl wall. Simply print off your favorite pics and stick ‘em on the wall with some fun printed tape. No frame necessary!

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Turn the corner and you’ll be in our styling/photo room. A wall featuring Twiggy, Harry Styles, and some inspiring words can’t be beat. For the quote, you can get a pack of letters at your local craft store. All you have to do is pick a phrase you love and string them together! Get It, Girl.

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Pineapple wall decals and good fonts. Enough said.



Alex, the Visuals, Branding, and Social Media director, has one of my favorite spots here. You’re greeted with a gallery wall of inspiring photos. Mixing your favorite celebrities and fun quotes is a great way to add inspo to your walls. Friday Night Lights+Olsen Twins=winning combo any day of the week. The star decals on the wall are such an easy and eye-catching touch. Simply stick them on the wall. Easy to rearrange at any time!

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I call this one the ultimate inspo wall. Printing off Instagram posts is a great way to reflect on your memories. This wall features Instagram posts printed off and simply stuck to the wall with tape. Instant smile guaranteed walking by this wall!

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Stephanie, the Riffraff HR + Communications/PR director, just moved spaces and she is rockin’ her new place. Another great example of how graphics+tape can work wonders on a wall. Her combo of celebs, vintage pics, and fun fonts makes my creative heart happy.

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This place is full of people that inspire me daily, and the walls definitely reflect that. Take your walls and make them a place of inspiration. The options are endless! Now get out there and create something that makes you smile.


Written by Kate Bailey, Fall 2016 Creative Intern

Rainy Day Blues

If you’re anything like me, I have no idea what to do with myself when I open my curtains after a few (i.e. no less than 3) cups of coffee and find it rainy and dreary in the middle of summer. Luckily enough, I’ve put in the leg-work (20 years worth) and devised the perfect Fayetteville Rainy Day.

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Use the rain as an excuse to treat yourself to a new Friday x Saturday graphic tee, which is so soft I’ve strongly considered looking into how I can ditch every single other shirt I own and sport them exclusively for all occasions.

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I am an of advocate visiting bookstores and libraries on the daily, but for those who are less than enthusiastic about reading, rainy days are the ultimate days to get out of your comfort zone, find your own lil nook, and crack open a book. Or crack open your smartphone and *read* insta captions. Who am I to judge?

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Calories don’t count on rainy days. Isn’t that how the saying goes? No? Hm. Though baking cookies is by no means categorized as a rainy-day-only activity, you might as well.

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I personally feel “rainy day” is synonymous with “movie day”, so don’t feel bad when you put off a couple responsibilities and curl up with Cher and Dionne. Blame your lazy day on the rain and your boss will TOTALLY understand. Promise.

Written by Carley King, Summer ’16 Creative Intern

Summer Cheat Sheet

Nothing screams summer quite like profusely sweating in the beating down sun. Aren’t you tired of make up melting off your face, humidity frizz hair, and baking in the sun for that unattainable bronze? We hear you. Now introducing our cheat sheet that will keep you calm and cool this summer.

  • Faux-Glow

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a7 preset



Did summer sneak up on your skin? If you want that summer ready glow but don’t want to damage your skin tanning this product is for you. St. Tropez is one of many self-tanning products out there, but has become my holy-grail product this year. I am featuring the express mouse (apply all over and wait 1-3 hours before showering depending on how dark you want to be) and the in shower gradual tanner (turn off water and apply all over, wait 3 min and then rinse). Now can confidently rock those cut offs

  • Lighten up


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Forget spending long hours and lots of cash in the salon. Sun-in is such an easy/cheap way to get natural looking highlights in your hair. Kylie (fellow creative intern) swears by sun-in and has only used it to reach her beautiful blonde shade. Meet your #hairgoals this summer.

  • Beach Babe

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Summer is the time to let your hair down! This product is the perfect was to keep the heat off your hair while still looking #fresh2death. I love using sea salt spray on wet or dry hair. The sea salt gives my locks just enough grit and texture while the Moroccan oil keeps them tamed.

  • Coconut oil

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

I could go on and on about this product… Coconut oil is so universal and can be used a million different ways. This oil is great for moisturizing lips, face or body to keep them from getting dried out by the harsh sun. A better-kept secret about coconut oil is that it makes your lashes grow like crazy! Ditch the mascara and expensive eyelash growth products and go grab coconut oil at your local drug store!

  • Stay put

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

This last item is the best way to save your makeup from that hot sun. This primer is a sheer champagne tinted gel that keeps your makeup put all day. If you’re a girl who wants to say goodbye to liquid foundation this summer, you can wear this on its own to get a soft glow. Don’t be intimidated by the shimmer in this primer, it is very fine and will leave you looking glowy and sun kissed.

Take your cheat sheet on the go to ace any beauty test summer throws your way! Shop extras —

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Curated by Phoebe Lathrop, Summer ’16 Creative intern