20 Reasons to Buy a Gift Card


  1. You get to creatively wrap it.
  2. It’s guaranteed to make any recipient happy.
  3. Your coworker got you a gift and you totally forgot about them.
  4. In case Santa doesn’t get the job done.
  5. Your hairdresser is fab, and she keeps you looking good all year long.
  6. Your daughter gets to pick out exactly what she wants.
  7. You can secretly give a gift card to your crush.
  8. They’re perfect for the girl who has everything.
  9. You had no idea what to get the babysitter.
  10. It’s the easiest gift you’ll ever give.
  11. For when you forget to buy something for your mother-in-law.
  12. It makes a way better stocking stuffer than socks.
  13. Our inventory right now is bomb!
  14. So that she can pick out a New Year’s Eve dress.
  15. So your BFF can buy 30 Donald Trump stickers.
  16. Your sister deserves to treat herself after mini-vanning kids around all year.
  17. A Riffraff gift card stretches farther than most… FREE SHIPPING!
  18. Your vet saved your cat’s life this year.
  19. You can spend a little or a lot.
  20. She really needs a new pair of shoes but you forgot her size.

Easy Birthday Gifts!

Let me paint you this picture: Imagine me. It’s 3 pm. Dinner to celebrate my best friend’s birthday is at 6 pm. I have nothing to give her. I’m tired. I decide to take a nap so I set my alarm for 4 to give myself enough time to get ready AND grab a gift. I have this horrible problem of sleeping through my alarm so you can imagine my horror when I wake up at 5:45. I show up to the birthday party. Late. With nothing. Thankfully my friend loves me and so our friendship did not suffer. However, I have vowed to never let this happen again and to always have a quick, easy gift on-hand! To save you from the embarrassment of showing up with nothing to give the bday queen and the stress of running around looking for a gift 10 minutes before the celebration starts, I put together some fun gift ideas full of #Riffrafflove!

Ballin’ on a budget! (J-Law + pizza = LOVE)


  • Jennifer stickerz $3
  • Pizza emoji stickerz $2
  • Favorite Candy $1

Happy Birth-Bey (Your bday pal will be sure to slay all day) 


  • back me up! Mobile charger! $30
  • queen bey stickerz $3

We all know someone obsessed with TX…(This hat speaks for itself) 


  • Texas forever stickerz pack $10
  • Charlie Southern- retro state hat- texas $28

The Thoughtful Coffee Drinker 


  • whatcha thinkin’ bout? Journal $14
  • hot stuff thermal mug $14

Since we’re obsessed with all things movies this week, I decided to pick a few of my favorite birthday scenes/gifts from movies!

Sixteen Candles: A classic. 

Hannah Montana: The Movie: Hannah got in a shoe fight with Tyra for her BFF’s birthday! #truefriend 

13 Going on 30: Birthday party of our 80’s dreams 

Written and curated by Kynzee Smith, Spring ’16 Creative Intern